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The Emit method will cause the ParticleEmitter to emit the given number of particles similar to how ParticleEmitter/Rate does on ParticleEmitter/Enalbed emitters. Be warned - this always emits exactly the number of particles even if Roblox’ graphics settings are lower. Emitting too many particles can cause performance issues on lower-end hardware.

To clear any emit particles, use ParticleEmitter/Clear.


Name Type Default Description

The number of particles to emit


Return Type Summary

Code Samples

ParticleEmitter Burst

This code sample causes a ParticleEmitter to ParticleEmitter/Emit particles in bursts of 10 every 2 seconds. It ParticleEmitter/Clears any existing particles before doing so.

Emit Particles Over Distance

This code sample causes a parent ParticleEmitter to ParticleEmitter/Emit particles based on how far the parent BasePart moves.