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Transforms the PVInstance along with all of its descendant PVInstance|PVInstances such that the pivot is now located at the specified datatype/CFrame. This is the primary function that should be used to move Model|Models via scripting.

BasePart|BaseParts are moved in this way by having their datatype/CFrame transformed by the necessary offset. Model|Models are moved in this way by having their Model/WorldPivot transformed by the necessary offset.

Note that for efficiency purposes, Instance/Changed events are not fired for BasePart/Position|Position and BasePart/Orientation|Orientation of BasePart|BaseParts moved in this way; they are only fired for datatype/CFrame.


Name Type Default Description

The datatype/CFrame that the PVInstance pivot should equal after moving it.


Return Type Summary

Code Samples

Simple Character Teleportation

This code sample is a simple teleport script that moves your character 10 studs forwards in the direction you’re currently facing when you press the F key. It does so by getting the current pivot with PVInstance/GetPivot and calling PVInstance|PivotTo to move the character forwards.