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This function returns a description of a volume that contains all BasePart children within a Model. The volume’s orientation is based on the orientation of the Model/PrimaryPart|PrimaryPart, and matches the selection box rendered in Studio when the model is selected. The description is provided in the form of a DataType/CFrame orientation and DataType/Vector3 size.

Mirroring the behavior of Terrain/FillBlock, it returns a CFrame representing the center of that bounding box and a Vector3 representing its size.

If there is no PrimaryPart for the model, the BoundingBox will be aligned to the world axes.


Pictured below is a Model with a pink semitransparent Part whose BasePart/CFrame|CFrame and BasePart/Size|Size have been set to the return values of this function called on the model.

A model of an Observation Tower with a pink semitransparent part representing the volume returned by GetBoundingBox


local model = workspace.Model
local part = workspace.Part
local orientation, size = model:GetBoundingBox()
part.Size = size
part.CFrame = orientation


Return Type Summary

A DataType/CFrame representing the orientation of the volume followed by a DataType/Vector3 representing the size of the volume