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This function registers a callback to begin listening to the given topic. The callback is invoked when a topic receives a message. It can be called multiple times for the same topic.


The callback is invoked with two arguments:

Field Summary


Developer supplied payload


Unix time in seconds at which the message was sent

It yields until the subscription is properly registered and returns a connection object.

To unsubscribe, call Datatype/RBXScriptConnection|:Disconnect() on the returned object. Once Disconnect() is called, the callback should never be invoked. Killing the script containing the connections also causes the underlying connect to be unsubscribed.

See also

  • MessagingService/PublishAsync, invokes the supplied callback whenever a message is pushed to the topic


Name Type Default Description

Determines where to listen for messages

Function to be invoked whenever a message is received


Return Type Summary

Connection that can be used to unsubscribe from the topic

Code Samples

Subscribing to Cross Server Messages

This example demonstrates how to use MessengerService/SubscribeAsync to listen to a topic for cross-server chat within a game universe.

When a player joins, the example subscribes to the topic player-<player.UserId>. When a message is sent with this topic, the connected callback executes and prints Received message for <player.Name”>. It also disconnects the connection when the player’s Player/AncestryChanged|ancestry changes.

In order for this to work as expected it must be placed in a server Script.

local messagingService = game:getService("MessagingService")
local players = game:GetService("Players")
    --subscribe to the topic
    local topic = "player-" .. player.UserId
    local connection = messagingService:SubscribeAsync(topic, function(message)
        print("Received message for " .. player.Name)
        -- unsubscribe from the topic