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This function provides information about an asset, developer product or game pass given its assetId and the Enum/InfoType (Asset, Product or GamePass respectively).

Information about the queried item is provided in a dictionary with the following keys. Note that not all information is provided or necessarily relevant for the kind of object you are querying.

Name Type Description
NamestringThe name shown on the asset's page
DescriptionstringThe description as shown on the asset's page; can be nil if blank
PriceInRobuxnumberThe cost of purchasing the asset using Robux
CreatedtimestampTimestamp of when the asset was created, e.g. 2018-08-01T17:55:11.98Z
UpdatedtimestampTimestamp of when the asset was last updated by its creator, e.g. 2018-08-01T17:55:11.98Z
ContentRatingTypeIdnumberIndicates whether the item is marked as 13+ in catalog
MinimumMembershipLevelnumberThe minimum Builder's Club subscription necessary to purchase the item
IsPublicDomainbooleanDescribes whether the asset can be taken for free
Creator Information
CreatorDictionaryA table of information describing the creator of the asset (see following lines)
Creator.CreatorTypestringEither User or Group
Creator.CreatorTargetIdnumberThe ID of the creator user or group
Creator.NamestringThe name/username of the creator
Creator.Idnumber(Use CreatorTargetId instead)
AssetIdnumberIf InfoType was Asset, this is the ID of the given asset.
AssetTypeIdnumberThe type of asset (e.g. place, model, shirt)*
IsForSalebooleanDescribes whether the asset is purchasable
IsLimitedbooleanDescribes whether the asset is a "limited item" that is no longer (if ever) sold
IsLimitedUniquebooleanDescribes whether the asset is a "limited unique" ("Limited U") item that only has a fixed number sold
IsNewbooleanDescribes whether the asset is marked as "new" in the catalog
RemainingnumberThe remaining number of items a limited unique item may be sold
SalesnumberThe number of items the asset has been sold
Developer Products
ProductIdnumberIf the InfoType was Product, this is the product ID
IconImageAssetIdnumberFor developer products, this is the asset ID of the product's icon (or 0 if the product does not have one)

* See articles/Asset types|Asset Types for the asset type ID numbers.
†Timestamps are formatted using ISO 8601

Developer Product Example

The following example loads information about a developer product.

local PRODUCT_ID = 336755544

local MarketplaceService = game:GetService("MarketplaceService")

local productInfo = MarketplaceService:GetProductInfo(PRODUCT_ID, Enum.InfoType.Product)

print("Product ID " .. PRODUCT_ID .. " name: " .. productInfo.Name) 

if productInfo.Description then
	print("Description: " .. productInfo.Description)
	print("No description!")

if productInfo.IsForSale then
	print("It is on sale for " .. productInfo.PriceInRobux .. " Robux.")

print("The image icon is: rbxassetid://" .. productInfo.IconImageAssetId)

Use in Studio Plugins

This method is often used by plugins to detect old versions and notify the user to manually update a plugin. The plugin author uploads a dummy asset, such as a decal or model, then puts the present version of the plugin in that asset’s description. The plugin then calls this method and checks an internal version number for a newer version.

Possible Errors

If no such item exists with the given ID, this function will throw an error:

  • For developer products, the error is:

MarketplaceService:getProductInfo() failed because rawProductInfo was empty

  • For game passes and assets, the error is:

MarketplaceService:getProductInfo() failed because HTTP 0 (HTTP 400 (HTTP/1.1 400 BadRequest))


Name Type Default Description

The assetId of the specified product


An Enum/InfoType enum value specifying the type of information being retrieved


Return Type Summary

A dictionary containing information about the queried item (described in the table above). Note that not all information is provided or necessarily relevant for the kind of object you are querying

Code Samples

Getting Product Info

The below example will print the name and description of the asset with an ID of 125378389. In this case it will print: “Mr. Fancy Top Hat :: So fancy that even his top hat’s top hat has a top hat.”

local Asset = game:GetService("MarketplaceService"):GetProductInfo(125378389)
print(Asset.Name .. " :: " .. Asset.Description)