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This function adds a KeyframeMarker to the Keyframe by parenting it to the keyframe. It is functionally identical to setting the marker’s Instance/Parent to the Keyframe.

Note, this function will not error when an instance other than a KeyframeMarker is given as the parameter and will parent it successfully.

More about Keyframes

Keyframe names do not need to be unique. For example, if an Animation has three keyframes named “Particles” the connected event returned by AnimationTrack/GetMarkerReachedSignal will fire each time one of these keyframes is reached.

Keyframe names can be set in the Roblox Animation Editor when creating or editing an animation. They cannot however be set by a Script on an existing animation prior to playing it.

See also

  • Keyframe/RemoveMarker
  • Keyframe/GetMarkers
  • AnimationTrack/GetMarkerReachedSignal


Name Type Default Description

The KeyframeMarker being parented to the Keyframe


Return Type Summary

No return

Code Samples

Add Marker/Remove Marker

This example demonstrates the Keyframe/AddMarker and Keyframe/RemoveMarker functions. Note these are functionally equivalent to Instance/Parent|parenting and un-parenting the markers.