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Returns a string describing the Instance's ancestry. The string is a concatenation of the Instance/Name|Name of the object and its ancestors, separated by periods. The DataModel (game) is not considered. For example, a Part in the Workspace may return Workspace.Part.

When called on an Instance that is not a descendant of the DataModel, this function considers all ancestors up to and including the topmost one without a Instance/Parent|Parent.

This function is useful for logging and debugging. You shouldn’t attempt to parse the returned string for any useful operation; this function does not escape periods (or any other symbol) in object names. In other words, although its output often appears to be a valid Lua identifier, it is not guaranteed.


Return Type Summary

The full name of the Instance.

Code Samples


This code sample demonstrates the behavior of Instance/GetFullName. It shows how the function behaves when called on an object not in the DataModel hierarchy, and it also shows how the return value does not escape special characters.

Instance:GetFullName Lua Implementation

This code sample re-implements the Instance/GetFullName function in Lua.