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Clone creates a copy of an object and all of its descendants, ignoring all objects that are not Instance/Archivable|Archivable. The copy of the root object is returned by this function and its Instance/Parent|Parent is set to nil.

If a reference property such as ObjectValue/Value is set in a cloned object, the value of the copy’s property depends on original’s value:

  • If a reference property refers to an object that was also cloned, an internal reference, the copy will refer to the copy.
  • If a reference property refers to an object that was not cloned, an external reference, the same value is maintained in the copy.

This function is typically used to create models that can be regenerated. First, get a reference to the original object. Then, make a copy of the object and insert the copy by setting its Instance/Parent|Parent to the Workspace or one of its descendants. Finally, when it’s time to regenerate the model, Instance/Destroy|Destroy the copy and clone a new one from the original like before.


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Code Samples

Clone Example

This code first references an existing object in the original variable. Then, it makes a copy of the object, sets the parent to that of the original, and finally moves the copy to (0, 50, 0).