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The GetFreeDecals function retrieves a list of Free Decals from the Catalog. The return type for this method is very odd, as it returns a single table wrapped in a table.

The best way to explain it is to show a visual of the array returned:

[1] = {
	CurrentStartIndex = 1, -- This can vary depending on the page you input.
	TotalCount = 21, -- Always 21.
	Results = {
		-- All parameters here are psuedo. They can vary depending on the asset.
		[1] = {	
			Name = "Asset Name",
			AssetId = 0000000,
			AssetVersionId = 0000000,
			CreatorName = "Roblox",
		-- [2], [3], and so on... up to [21]

Yikes! That quite confusing. Unfortunately this method was added in the earlier days of Roblox, where easy to understand return-types weren’t a priority.

Thankfully, an example for iterating over this list has been provided at the bottom of this page.

Additionally, if you want to insert Model|Models instead, you can use the InsertService/GetFreeModels function.

Note: The page argument starts at 0. So Page 1 = 0, Page 2 = 1, etc.


Name Type Default Description

String used to search for free decals in the Catalog


The page number in the Catalog to return


Return Type Summary

A single table (of returned free decals) wrapped in a table

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