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SetEquippedEmotes sets the currently equipped emotes given an array of emote names as they were passed to HumanoidDescription/AddEmote|AddEmote or HumanoidDescription/SetEmotes|SetEmotes. It can also take an array of tables similar to that returned by HumanoidDescription/GetEquippedEmotes|GetEquippedEmotes. Calling this function fires HumanoidDescription/EquippedEmotesChanged|EquippedEmotesChanged.


local hd = Instance.new("HumanoidDescription")
hd:SetEmotes{Salute = {3360689775}, Agree = {4849487550}}
-- Can provide either an array of strings... (index is slot number)
hd:SetEquippedEmotes({"Salute", "Agree"})
-- ...or an array of tables as returned by GetEquippedEmotes (Slot and Name keys set)
hd:SetEquippedEmotes({{Slot = 1, Name = "Salute"}, {Slot = 2, Name = "Agree"}})

See also

  • articles/HumanoidDescription System, for more information on HumanoidDescriptions
  • HumanoidDescription/GetEquippedEmotes|GetEquippedEmotes, which returns a value describing the equipped emotes set by this function
  • HumanoidDescription/EquippedEmotesChanged|EquippedEmotesChanged, which fires when this function is called


Name Type Default Description

An array of emote names. Example:

{ "Disagree", "Agree", "Salute" }

– OR –
An array of tables describing the name and slot which each emote is equipped. Example:

    {Slot = 3, Name = "Salute"},
    {Slot = 2, Name = "Agree"},
    {Slot = 1, Name = "Disagree"},


Return Type Summary