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RemoveEmote removes all emotes from the description that have been HumanoidDescription/AddEmote|added or HumanoidDescription/SetEmotes|set under the given name. If there are no added emotes with the given name, no error is thrown and HumanoidDescription/EmotesChanged|EmotesChanged does not fire.

See also

  • articles/HumanoidDescription System, for more information on HumanoidDescriptions
  • HumanoidDescription/SetEmotes|SetEmotes and HumanoidDescription/AddEmote|AddEmote, which can add emotes that may be removed
  • HumanoidDescription/GetEmotes|GetEmotes, which can retrieve a dictionary of emotes that may be removed


Name Type Default Description

The name of the emote as it was HumanoidDescription/SetEmotes|set or HumanoidDescription/AddEmote|added


Return Type Summary