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This function lowers the Humanoid/Health of the Humanoid by the given amount if it is not protected by a ForceField

This function accepts negative values for the amount parameter. This will increase the humanoid’s Humanoid/Health. However this will only have an effect if no ForceField is present.

How do ForceFields protect against TakeDamage

A Humanoid is considered protected by a ForceField if a ForceField meets one of the following criteria:

  • The ForceField shares the same Instance/Parent as the Humanoid
  • The ForceField is parented to the Humanoid/RootPart of the Humanoid
  • The ForceField is parented to an ancestor of the Humanoid other than the Workspace

To do damage to a Humanoid irrespective of any ForceField|ForceFields present, set Humanoid/Health directly.

For more information on how ForceField|ForceFields protect Humanoid|Humanoids see the ForceField page


Name Type Default Description

The damage, or amount to be deduced from the Humanoid/Health


Return Type Summary

No return

Code Samples

Damaging a Humanoid

This code, put in a LocalScript, would make the local player take 99 damage only if a ForceField wasn’t present.