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This function removes all Accessory|Accessories worn by the Humanoid|Humanoid’s parent. When this function is called, all Accessory|Accessories sharing an Instance/Parent with the Humanoid will be removed. For Player Player/Character|Characters this will remove all hats and other accessories.

This function removes Accessory|Accessories by calling Instance/Destroy on them. This means the Instance/Parent|Parents of the accessories are set to nil and locked.

See also

  • To attach an Accessory use the Humanoid/AddAccessory function
  • To get all Accessory|Accessories belonging to a Humanoid use the Humanoid/GetAccessories function


Return Type Summary

Code Samples

Remove and Return Hats

This code sample will remove all the hats from a Player/Character once the character has fully loaded. After five seconds, if the character still exists and is alive, it will return them.