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This function causes the Humanoid to attempt to walk to the given location by setting the Humanoid/WalkToPoint and Humanoid/WalkToPart properties.

The location and part parameters correspond with what Humanoid/WalkToPoint and Humanoid/WalkToPart will be set to.

If the part parameter is specified, the Humanoid will still attempt to walk to the point. However, if the part moves then the point the Humanoid is walking to will move to be at the same position relative to the part. If the part parameter is not specified, then the position the Humanoid is walking to will not change.

The reach goal state of a humanoid will timeout after 8 seconds if it doesn’t reach its goal. This is done so that NPCs won’t get stuck waiting for Humanoid/MoveToFinished to fire. If you don’t want this to happen, you should repeatedly call MoveTo so that the timeout will keep resetting.


Name Type Default Description

The position to set Humanoid/WalkToPoint to


The BasePart to set Humanoid/WalkToPart to


Return Type Summary

Code Samples

Humanoid MoveTo Without Time out

This code sample includes a function that avoids the 8 second timeout on Humanoid/MoveTo by calling Humanoid/MoveTo again before the timeout elapses. It also includes an optional andThen parameter where developers can pass a function to be called when the humanoid reaches its destination.