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This function returns the Enum/Limb enum that is associated with the given Part

This function works for both R15 and R6 rigs, for example:

-- For R15
print(humanoid:GetLimb(character.LeftUpperLeg)) -- Enum.Limb.LeftLeg
print(humanoid:GetLimb(character.LeftLowerLeg)) -- Enum.Limb.LeftLeg
print(humanoid:GetLimb(character.LeftFoot)) -- Enum.Limb.LeftLeg

-- For R6
print(humanoid:GetLimb(character:FindFirstChild("Left Leg"))) -- Enum.Limb.LeftLeg

GetLimb will throw an error if the Part|Part's parent is not set to the Humanoid|Humanoid's parent.


Name Type Default Description

The Part for which the Enum/Limb|Enum.Limb is to be retrieved


Return Type Summary

The Enum/Limb the part corresponds with

Code Samples

Getting a Humanoid's Limbs

Put this in a LocalScript. The output will vary based on if the humanoid is R6 or R15.