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This function returns an array of Accessory|Accessories that the Humanoid|Humanoid’s parent is currently wearing. All Accessory objects parented to the Humanoid|Humanoid's parent will be included, regardless of if they are attached or not. If the humanoid is not wearing any accessories, the array will be empty.

If the Humanoid has no Accessory|Accessories an empty array will be returned

See also

  • Use Humanoid/AddAccessory to attach an Accessory to a Humanoid|Humanoid’s parent


Return Type Summary

An array of Accessory|Accessories that are parented to the Humanoid|Humanoid's parent

Code Samples

Remove and Return Hats

This code sample will remove all the hats from a Player/Character once the character has fully loaded. After five seconds, if the character still exists and is alive, it will return them.