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This function causes the Humanoid to enter the given Enum/HumanoidStateType.

The humanoid state describes the activity the Humanoid is currently doing.

You should check the page for Enum/HumanoidStateType for more information on what particular states do as some have unintuitive names. For example, running describes a state where the Humanoid|Humanoid's legs are on the ground, including when stationary

Due to the default behavior of the Humanoid some states will automatically be changed when set to. For example:

  • Setting the state to 'Swimming’ when the Humanoid is not in the water will lead to it being automatically set to ‘GettingUp’
  • As it is unused, setting the state to ‘PlatformStanding’ will lead to it being automatically set to ‘Running’

See also

  • To enable or disable a particular state use Humanoid/SetStateEnabled
  • To get the current state use Humanoid/GetState


Name Type Default Description

The Enum/HumanoidStateType that the Humanoid is to perform


Return Type Summary

No return

Code Samples

Double Jump

This code, when placed inside a LocalScript in StarterCharacterScripts|StarterPlayer.StarterCharacterScripts will allow the player’s characters to perform a double jump.