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BuildRigFromAttachments assembles a tree of Motor6D joints for a Humanoid. Motor6D joints are required for the playback of Animation|Animations

Starting from the humanoid’s Humanoid/RootPart, the function collects all Attachments parented in the current part, whose name ends with “RigAttachment”. It then searches for a matching attachment in the character that shares the same name as the attachment. Using those two attachments, a Motor6D joint is generated based on the parts associated with the two attachments, and the Attachment/CFrames of the attachments.

See the provided code sample below to see how this function works.


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Code Samples

R15 Package Importer

A script that generates an R15 character from scratch using a package’s assetId.

Lua Port of BuildRigFromAttachments

A Lua port of the Humanoid’s BuildRigFromAttachments function, so that the recursive behavior of the function can be seen.