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This yield function makes the Player/Character|character's look match that of the passed in HumanoidDescription. A copy of the passed look will then be cached in the Humanoid as the current HumanoidDescription for the Humanoid.

It allows you to quickly set and store a character’s appearance using a stored look without having to set each property every time.

See also

  • Humanoid/GetAppliedDescription, returns the HumanoidDescription currently applied to the Humanoid
  • Players/GetHumanoidDescriptionFromUserId, gives back a HumanoidDescription which describes the Avatar for the passed in user
  • Players/GetHumanoidDescriptionFromOutfitId, gives back a HumanoidDescription whose parameters are initialized to match that of the passed in server-side outfit asset
  • Player/LoadCharacterWithHumanoidDescription, spawns a player with the look from the HumanoidDescription Instance passed in


Name Type Default Description

The HumanoidDescription Instance which you want to set the character to match



Return Type Summary

No return