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This function allows a developer to bring up the Inspect menu showing the assets listed in this HumanoidDescription object.

This allows further customization with what is shown in the Inspect Menu when players inspect other players in your game. If your game modifies what the players are wearing, you can instead give the Inspect Menu a HumanoidDescription object that represents what a player is wearing and those items will be shown. You should pass a name as well to represent the name of the player that will be inspected.

See also

  • Avatar Inspect Menu, an article providing a more detailed explanation of the Inspect and Buy feature and how it works
  • GuiService/SetInspectMenuEnabled, allows developers to enable or disable default Inspect and Buy functionality
  • GuiService/InspectPlayerFromUserId, allows the Inspect Menu to appear showing the user that has the given Player/UserId|UserId. This is especially useful when you want to inspect players who aren’t in the current game


Name Type Default Description

A HumanoidDescription object that contains the assets to show in the Inspect menu

The name of the player being Inspected to show in the Inspect menu


Return Type Summary

No return

Code Samples

Opening an Inspect Menu with a HumanoidDescription

This example demonstrates how to show an Inspect Menu containing two items (Midnight Antlers and Mid-Summer Starry Wings), for a player named MyPlayer using GuiService:InspectPlayerFromHumanoidDescription.

local GuiService = game:GetService("GuiService")

local humanoidDescription = Instance.new("HumanoidDescription")
humanoidDescription.HatAccessory = "3339374070"
humanoidDescription.BackAccessory = "3339363671"

GuiService:InspectPlayerFromHumanoidDescription(humanoidDescription, "MyPlayer")