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Returns a StandardPages object including information on all of the specified group’s enemies.

This pages does not include a list of group IDs but instead a list of group information tables, mirroring the format of those returned by GroupService/GetGroupInfoAsync. See below for the structure of these tables.

group = {
    Name = "Knights of the Seventh Sanctum",
    Id = 377251,
    Owner = {
        Name = "Vilicus",
        Id = 23415609
    EmblemUrl = "http://www.roblox.com/asset/?id=60428602",
    Description = "We fight alongside the balance to make sure no one becomes to powerful",
    Roles = {
        [1] = {
            Name = "Apprentice",
            Rank = 1
        [2] = {
            Name = "Warrior",
            Rank = 2
        [3] = {
            Name = "Earth Walker",
            Rank = 255

Note, as this function returns a StandardPages object rather than an array, developers may wish to convert it to an array for ease of use (see examples).

This function has a number of useful applications, including detecting if a player is a member of an enemy group.

For allies, use GroupService/GetAlliesAsync.


Name Type Default Description

The group’s ID.


Return Type Summary

A StandardPages object of the group’s enemies.

Code Samples


Group Ally/Enemy Checker

This code sample demonstrates how GroupService and Player/IsInGroup can be used to determine whether a player is a member of a group, or any of its allies or enemies.

Note as GroupService/GetAlliesAsync and GroupService/GetEnemiesAsync use StandardPages objects a utility function is used to convert them to allies.