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This function sets callback as the function to be executed any time the value associated with the GlobalDataStore|data store's key changes. For instance, the connected function will execute when functions like GlobalDataStore/IncrementAsync|IncrementAsync(), GlobalDataStore/SetAsync|SetAsync(), and GlobalDataStore/UpdateAsync|UpdateAsync() change the key’s value in the data store.

See the Articles/Data store|Data Stores article for an in-depth guide on data structure, management, error handling, etc.


Name Type Default Description


The key identifying the entry being retrieved from the data store

The function to be executed any time the value associated with key is changed


Return Type Summary

The connection to the key being tracked for updates

Code Samples

Print Data Store Value on Update

The sample creates an GlobalDataStore/OnUpdate|OnUpdate() connection with the key myKey and the printOut() function, then it sets the myKey store to 11. Since the connection with myKey is open, printOut() executes and prints the input (the updated value). Immediately after this occurs, the script disconnects the connection.

local sampleDataStore = game:GetService("DataStoreService"):GetDataStore("MyDataStore")

local connection

local function printOut(input)
	-- Disconnect connection
connection = sampleDataStore:OnUpdate("myKey", printOut)

local success, err = pcall(function()
	sampleDataStore:SetAsync("myKey", 11)