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SetTitle will set the text shown on a touch button created by ContextActionService/BindAction|BindAction. Specifically, this sets the TextLabel/Text property of a TextLabel within the ImageButton that would be returned by ContextActionService/GetButton|GetButton. If no such bound action exists (e.g. nothing is returned by GetButton), this function does nothing and throws no error.

This function is part of a family of methods that customize the touch button of an action. Others in this family include ContextActionService/SetImage|SetImage and ContextActionService/SetPosition|SetPosition.


Name Type Default Description

The name of the action originally passed to BindAction

The text to display on the button


Return Type Summary

Code Samples

ContextActionService Touch Button

This code sample demonstrates binding an “Inspect” action to a touch button created automatically by ContextActionService. The button is customized using ContextActionService/SetImage|SetImage, ContextActionService/SetTitle|SetTitle, ContextActionService/SetDescription|SetDescription and ContextActionService/SetPosition|SetPosition. The button is further customized by using ContextActionService/GetButton|GetButton to get a reference to the ImageButton itself and tinting it green by setting ImageButton/ImageColor3.

Paste this code into a LocalScript placed within StarterPlayerScripts to test it. In Studio, be sure to toggle the touch device emulator in order for the button to actually be created.