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HasTag returns whether a given object has a tag

  • Using CollectionService/AddTag to add the tag will cause this method to return true.
  • Using CollectionService/RemoveTag to remove the tag will cause this method to return false.

By extension, any tags returned by a call to CollectionServiec/GetTags on an object will return true when used with this method.


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Code Samples

Using Tags and CollectionService

This code sample demonstrates adding, removing and querying a tag from an object using CollectionService. Be sure to add a Part to the Workspace before running this code.

local CollectionService = game:GetService("CollectionService")
local object = workspace.Part

-- Add a tag
CollectionService:AddTag(object, "Deadly")

-- Query for a tag
if CollectionService:HasTag(object, "Deadly") then
	print(object:GetFullName() .. " is deadly")

-- List tags on an object
local tags = CollectionService:GetTags(object)
print("The object " .. object:GetFullName() .. " has tags: " .. table.concat(tags, ", "))

-- Remove a tag
CollectionService:RemoveTag(object, "Deadly")