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GetTagged returns a table of objects with a given tag which are descendants of the DataModel (game). Such tags have been added using CollectionService/AddTag, and removing a tag using CollectionService/RemoveTag will ensure this method does not return them. Although the name of this method is past-tense, this method only returns objects presently tagged with the given tag. It will not return objects that once had a tag but no longer have it.

If you want to detect all objects with a tag, both present and future, use this method to iterate over objects while also making a connection to a signal returned by CollectionService/GetinstanceAddedSignal.

This method does not guarantee any ordering of the returned objects. Additionally, it is possible that objects can have the given tag assigned to them, but not be a descendant of the DataModel, i.e. its parent is nil. This method will not return such objects.


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Code Samples

Deadly Bricks using CollectionService

This code sample causes any BasePart with the tag “Deadly” to kill any Humanoid that touches it. It does this using a common pattern with CollectionService: listen for all parts with the tag, and make a connection. When the tag is removed, disconnect. Instead of copying the same kill script into many bricks, use this pattern instead!