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GetInstanceAdded is given a tag (a string) and returns a signal which fires under two conditions:

  • The tag is assigned to an object within the DataModel (game) using CollectionService/AddTag
  • An object with the given tag is added as a descendant of the DataModel, e.g. by setting Instance/Parent or similar

Subsequent calls to this method with the same tag return the same signal object. Consider also calling CollectionService/GetTagged to get a list of objects that already have a tag (and thus won’t fire the event if they already are in the DataModel).

See also CollectionService/GetInstanceRemovedSignal, which returns an event that fires under similar conditions.


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Code Samples

Deadly Bricks using CollectionService

This code sample causes any BasePart with the tag “Deadly” to kill any Humanoid that touches it. It does this using a common pattern with CollectionService: listen for all parts with the tag, and make a connection. When the tag is removed, disconnect. Instead of copying the same kill script into many bricks, use this pattern instead!