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This function customizes various settings of the in-game bubble chat.

Before using this, make sure that bubble chat is enabled by setting Chat/BubbleChatEnabled to true.

The settings argument is a table where the keys are the names of the settings you want to edit and the values are what you want to change these settings to. Note that you don’t have to include all of them in the settings argument, omitting some will result in them keeping their default value.

This function is client-side only, attempting to call it on the server will trigger an error.


Name Type Default Description

A settings table. Check articles/Bubble Chat|Bubble Chat for accepted key/value pair


Return Type Summary

No return

Code Samples

Customize visual aspects

When run from a LocalScript, this snippet will make all the chat bubbles appear with bigger text under a different font and a light blue background. Note that all the other settings will keep their default value.

Restore default settings

If you want to reset the bubble chat to its default look, you can call this function with an empty table, because any setting you omit from the argument will result in it returning to its default value: