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Partial Deprecation Warning
Calling this function from the client using a LocalScript is deprecated, and will be disabled in the future. Text filtering should be done from a Script on the server using the similarly-named TextService/FilterStringAsync, which uses a different set of parameters and return type.

Games that do not properly filter player-generated text maybe subject to moderation action. Please be sure a game properly filters text before publishing it.

FilterStringAsyc will filter a articles/String|string using filtering that is appropriate for the sending and receiving player. If the filtered string is to be used for a persistent message, such as the name of a shop, writing on a plaque, etc, then the function should be called with the author as both the sender and receiver.

This function should be used every time a player can enter custom text in any context, most commonly using a TextBox. Some examples of text to be filtered:

  • Custom chat messages
  • Custom character names
  • Names for a shop in a tycoon-style game


Name Type Default Description

The raw string to be filtered, exactly as entered by the player

The author of the text

The intended recipient of the provided text; use the author if the text is persistent (see description)


Return Type Summary