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SurfaceType based joining is deprecated, do not use MakeJoints for new projects. WeldConstraint|WeldConstraints and HingeConstraint|HingeConstraints should be used instead

Creates a joint on any side of the BasePart|Part that has a Enum/SurfaceType that can make a joint it will create a joint with any adjacent parts.

Joints will be created between the sides and any planar touching surfaces, depending on the sides’ surfaces.

  • Smooth surfaces will not create joints
  • Glue surfaces will create a Glue joint
  • Weld will create a Weld joint with any surface except for Unjoinable
  • Studs, Inlet, or Universal will each create a Snap joint with either of other the other two surfaces (e.g. Studs with Inlet and Universal)
  • Hinge and Motor surfaces create Rotate and RotateV joint instances

Unlike Model/MakeJoints, this function requires an array of parts as a parameter. This array is given as follows:

part:MakeJoints({part1, part2, part3})

Joints are broken if enough force is applied to them due to an Explosion, unless a ForceField object is parented to the BasePart or ancestor Model. For this reason, they are often used to make simple destructible buildings and other models.


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