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This function pplies an instant force impulse to this BasePart|part’s assembly, at the specified position in world space.

If the position is not at the assembly’s BasePart/AssemblyCenterOfMass|center of mass, the impulse will cause a positional and rotational movement.

The resulting velocity from the impulse relies on the assembly’s BasePart/AssemblyMass|mass. So a higher impulse is required to move more massive assemblies. Impulses are useful for cases where developers want a force applied instantly, such as an explosion or collision.

If the part is owned by the server, this function must be called on a server Script. If the part is owned by a client, this function must be called on a LocalScript.


Name Type Default Description

A force vector to be applied to the assembly as an impulse

The position, in world space, to apply the impulse


Return Type Summary

No return