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This function fteches information about a articles/Badges Special Game Awards|badge given its ID. It takes a brief moment to load the information from the Roblox website; repeated calls will cache for a short duration. It returns a dictionary with the following fields:

Key Type Description
Name string The name of the badge.
Description string The description of the badge.
IconImageId int64 The asset ID of the image for the badge.
IsEnabled bool Indicates whether the badge is available to be awarded.

See also

  • BadgeService/AwardBadge|BadgeService:AwardBadge()
  • BadgeService/UserHasBadgeAsync|BadgeService:UserHasBadgeAsync()


Name Type Default Description

The badge ID of the badge whose information should be fetched.


Return Type Summary

A dictionary of information about the specified badge.

Code Samples

Getting Badge Info

This sample prints badge information fetched via BadgeService/GetBadgeInfoAsync|BadgeService:GetBadgeInfoAsync().