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This function returns a list of recommendations based on the given Enum/AssetType. Take a look at the code sample below for more information on possible usages for this function.

Data is in the format:

      "Item": {
        "AssetId": 0,
        "Name": "string",
        "Price": 0,
        "PremiumPrice": 0,
        "AbsoluteUrl": "string",
        "AudioUrl": "string"
      "Creator": {
        "CreatorId": 0,
        "CreatorType": "string",
        "Name": "string",
        "CreatorProfileLink": "string"
      "Product": {
        "Id": 0,
        "PriceInRobux": 0,
        "IsForSale": true,
        "IsPublicDomain": true,
        "IsResellable": true,
        "IsLimited": true,
        "IsLimitedUnique": true,
        "SerialNumber": 0,
        "IsRental": true,
        "RentalDurationInHours": 0,
        "BcRequirement": 0,
        "TotalPrivateSales": 0,
        "SellerId": 0,
        "SellerName": "string",
        "LowestPrivateSaleUserAssetId": 0,
        "IsXboxExclusiveItem": true,
        "OffsaleDeadline": "string",
        "NoPriceText": "string",
        "IsFree": true


Name Type Default Description

The type of asset recommendations to retrieve recommendations for


The id of an asset with a type matching the provided assetType used for context when retrieving recommendations


Return Type Summary

A list of recommendations based on the given Enum/AssetType

Code Samples

Getting a Hat Recommendation

This will return a list of similar hats much like how similar assets are displayed when viewing the catalog page on the website. The contextAssetId is optional and if not provided it will return some popular items from that category.

local assets = AvatarEditorService:GetRecommendedAssets(Enum.AvatarAssetType.Hat, 9255093)