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This function returns the item details for the given item. It accepts two parameters - the first indicating the ID of the item being retrieved and the second indicating its Enum/ItemType.

Data returned in the format:

  "IsForRent": true,
  "ExpectedSellerId": 0,
  "Owned": true,
  "IsPurchasable": true,
  "Id": 0,
  "ItemType": "Asset",
  "AssetType": "Image",
  "BundleType": "BodyParts",
  "Name": "string",
  "Description": "string",
  "ProductId": 0,
  "Genres": [
  "BundledItems": [
      "Owned": true,
      "Id": 0,
      "Name": "string",
      "Type": "string"
  "ItemStatus": [
  "ItemRestrictions": [
  "CreatorType": "User",
  "CreatorTargetId": 0,
  "CreatorName": "string",
  "Price": 0,
  "PremiumPricing": {
    "PremiumDiscountPercentage": 0,
    "PremiumPriceInRobux": 0
  "LowestPrice": 0,
  "PriceStatus": "string",
  "UnitsAvailableForConsumption": 0,
  "PurchaseCount": 0,
  "FavoriteCount": 0


Name Type Default Description

The ID of the item whose details are being retrieved

An enum value indicating the type of item whose details are being retrieved


Return Type Summary

A table containing the item info for the retrieved item. See above for a sample table