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Stops the AnimationTrack. Once called playback of the AnimationTrack will stop and the weight of the animation will move towards zero over a length of time specified by the optional fadeTime parameter.

For example, if Stop is called with a fadeTime of 2 seconds it will take two seconds for the weight of the AnimationTrack to reach zero and its effects completely end. Please note this will be the case regardless of the initial weight of the animation.

It is not recommended to use a fadeTime of 0 seconds to try to override this effect and end the animation immediately as presently, this causes the AnimationTrack poses to freeze.


Name Type Default Description

The time, in seconds, for which animation weight is to be faded out over.


Return Type Summary

Code Samples

AnimationTrack Stop

This code sample includes a function that stops an AnimationTrack with a specific fadeTime, and yields until the fade is completed and the weight of the AnimationTrack is equal to zero.

The purpose of this sample is to demonstrate how the fadeTime parameter of AnimationTrack.Stop works. In most cases, if a developer wishes to yield over the fadeTime it is recommended they use wait(fadeTime).

local function fadeOut(animationTrack, fadeTime)
	local startTime = tick()
	while animationTrack.WeightCurrent > 0 do
	local timeTaken = tick() - startTime
	print("Time taken for weight to reset: "..tostring(timeTaken))