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FireEvent reports a custom event to PlayFab. The event is reported using a category and value, where the category is a string and the value can be a string or table. In order to use PlayFab, you must have a valid AnalyticsService/ApiKey|ApiKey set.

Possible Errors

  • “AnalyticsService can only be executed by game server.” – Tracking can only be done on the server through a Script or ModuleScript required by a script. See RunService/IsServer.
  • “The ApiKey is invalid.” – The AnalyticsService/ApiKey|ApiKey has been set, but it’s invalid. Check that it is set to the correct value.
  • “AnalyticsService can only accept valid UTF-8 characters.” – Thrown when the value can’t be serialized as UTF-8 characters. This can happen if you pass a value which has unicode characters, like emojis.
  • “AnalyticsService failed in parse event value. Error: …” – Thrown when there is an issue when serializing the provided value into a string.
  • “AnalyticsService: , " and \r\n are not allowed in category.” – The comma ,, the double quote ", and newline characters \r\n cannot be used in the category parameter.
  • “AnalyticsService: The event value you fired is too long.” – Thrown if the value parameter was too long after serialization. The length limit is 1 KB, or 1024 bytes.


Name Type Default Description

The category of event to report. Cannot contain the following characters: comma ,, double quote " or newline characters \r\n

A value to be serialized and reported. Serialized length must not exceed 1 KB, or 1024 bytes


Return Type Summary

No return