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The UserInputService WindowFocused event fires when the window of the Roblox client gains focus - typically when the Roblox client is maximized/actively open on the user’s screen.

For example, the code below prints “Window focused” whenever the Roblox client gains focus.

local UserInputService = game:GetService("UserInputService")

	print("Window focused")

This event can be used alongside UserInputService/WindowFocusReleased to track whether the Roblox client is actively focused on a user’s screen.

As this event only fires locally, it can only be used in a LocalScript.

Code Samples

Window Focus AFK Script

This example fires a RemoteEvent/FireServer|RemoveEvent to the server name AfkEvent when the LocalPlayer’s client gains or loses focus.

The purpose of this code sample is to fire a server-side event to indicate when the player is AFK. This is indicated by spawning a ForceField around the player when the client loses focus and Instance/Destroy|destroying the forcefield when the client gains focus.

In order for this example to work as expected, the code labelled LocalScript must be placed in a LocalScript and the code labelled Script must be placed in a Script.