Fires when a user stops interacting via a Human-Computer Interface device"> PcoWSkbVqDnWTu_dm2ix
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The InputEnded event fires when a user stops interacting via a Human-Computer Interface device (Mouse button down, touch begin, keyboard button down, etc). This is useful when tracking when a user releases a keyboard key, mouse button, touchscreen input, etc.

This event can be used along with UserInputService/InputBegan and UserInputService/InputChanged to track when user input begins, changes, and ends.

This event only fires when the Roblox client window is in focus. For example, inputs will not be captured when the window is minimized.

As this event only fires locally, it can only be used in a LocalScript.


Name Type Default Description

An InputObject instance, which contains information about the user input

Indicates whether the game engine internally observed this input and acted on it. Generally this refers to UI processing, so if a button was touched or clicked from this input, gameProcessedEvent would be true. This is also true for input events connected via ContextActionService

Code Samples

Handling InputEnded

The following example demonstrates one of many usage examples of handling user input from InputEnded depending on its type.