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The DeviceAccelerationChanged event fires when a user moves a device that has an accelerometer.

An accelerometer is a component found in most mobile devices that measures acceleration (change in speed).

To determine whether a user’s device has an accelerometer enabled, seeUserInputService/AccelerometerEnabled.

This event can be used to track the movement of a device that has an accelerometer. A sample usage includes moving the player character when a mobile device accelerates.

Additionally, this event can be used along with UserInputService/GetDeviceAcceleration to determine the current movement of a user’s device if the device has an accelerometer.

This event only fires locally - which means that only the player whose device moves can use the event and it will only work in a LocalScript.


Name Type Default Description

An InputObject, with a InputObject/UserInputType|UserInputType of ’Accelerometer’, and InputObject/Position|Position that shows the force of gravity on each local device axis

Code Samples

Control Players Using the Accelerometer

This example uses the accelerometer to move the player character when a mobile device is accelerated. The character will will along the axis that the device was moved. This code can be seen in this uncopylocked place.