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This event fires if a request to teleport (from a function such as TeleportService/Teleport) fails and the player does not leave the current place server.

It is fired on both the client and the server.

It includes a teleportResult argument (a Enum/TeleportResult enum) describing the reason the teleport failed along with the error message that is displayed to the user.

It is possible for teleportation to fail after the Player has left the place due to Roblox server issues. This event will not fire in this case and the user will be disconnected and required to rejoin.


The Enum/TeleportResult indicates the state of the teleport which can be one of several enum values:

Name Value Description


0 Teleport successful


1 Teleport failed because the destination server was full


2 Teleport failed

Studio limitation

This service does not work during playtesting in Roblox Studio — To test aspects of your game using it, you must publish the game and play it in the Roblox application.

See also

  • TeleportService/Teleport
  • TeleportService/TeleportPartyAsync
  • TeleportService/TeleportToPrivateServer
  • TeleportService/TeleportToPlaceInstance
  • TeleportService/TeleportToSpawnByName


Name Type Default Description

The Player which failed to teleport

A Enum/TeleportResult enum describing the reason the teleport failed

The error message indicating why the teleport failed

Code Samples

Reattempt Failed Teleport

This code sample includes a function that will reattempt a teleport if Roblox servers are busy or an unexpected failure has occurred. It should be ran on the client.