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PluginDragLeft fires when the user’s mouse leaves a PluginGui during a drag operation started by Plugin/StartDrag.

This event and PluginGui/PluginDragDropped|PluginDragDropped are useful for hiding a “Drop Here” UI on PluginGuis where a drag operation can be dropped. Such a UI should be shown when either PluginGui/PluginDragEntered|PluginDragEntered fires.

See Also

  • articles/Drag and Drop in Studio Widgets
  • PluginGui/PluginDragEntered
  • PluginGui/PluginDragMoved
  • PluginGui/PluginDragDropped


Name Type Default Description

A copy of the data originally passed to Plugin/StartDrag

Code Samples

Plugin Drag and Drop

This code sample creates two plugin widget windows: a drag source and a drop target. In the source window, the script creates a TextBox and TextButton to allow the user to begin a plugin drag action. The drop target window will display the MimeType of whatever is dragged into it using a TextLabel. If the MimeType is text/plain, it will display the plain text data instead. Pictured below is an animation of the drag and drop action.

Screen recording of the drag and drop action in-Studio

To run this code sample as a plugin, paste it into a Script. Then, right-click the script in the Explorer window and choose “Save as Local Plugin”.