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The PlayerConnecting Players event fires when a player is connecting to the game. It indicates the Player instance connecting.

This event is not intended for wide use and will not work in Scripts or LocalScripts. Instead, you can use the Player/PlayersAdded and Players/PlayerRemoving events.

Similarly, if you want to track when a player’s character is added or removed from the game, such as when a player respawns or dies, you can use the Player/CharacterAdded and Player/CharacterRemoving functions.


Name Type Default Description

The Player connecting.

Code Samples

Player Connecting Disconnecting and Rejoining

This example demonstrates that the Players/PlayerConnecting, Players/PlayerDisconnecting, and Players/PlayerRejoining events fire when a player connects to, disconnects from, and rejoins the game. Each of the events fires a message with the player name and the action. For example, when a player connects to the game, the PlayerConnecting event prints:

PlayerName connecting!

This example will function as expected when executed in the command bar.