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This event fires when the Humanoid enters or leaves the Ragdoll Enum/HumanoidStateType.
The Humanoid will enter the GettingUp state 1 second after the Ragdoll state is enabled. When this happens this event will fire with an active value of false, and Humanoid/GettingUp will fire with an active value of true.

You can disable tripping by disabling the Ragdoll and FallingDown states using Humanoid/SetStateEnabled.

See also

  • Humanoid/FallingDown for the Humanoid event connected with the FallingDown state, which behaves similarly to Ragdoll


Name Type Default Description

Whether the Humanoid is entering or leaving the Ragdoll Enum/HumanoidStateType

Code Samples

Humanoid action events

This code, when run from a LocalScript parented to a Player/Character will listen to the Humanoid|Humanoid’s action events and print when they are fired.

This code sample is intended to demonstrate when each event does, and does not, fire.