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This event fires when the Humanoid enters or leaves the PlatformStanding Enum/HumanoidStateType.

Whilst the Humanoid is in the PlatformStanding state, the Humanoid/PlatformStand property will be true.

Whilst Humanoid/PlatformStand is set to true, the Humanoid will be unable to move. For more information please see the page for Humanoid/PlatformStand.

The PlatformStand Enum/HumanoidStateType was associated with the now disabled Platform part. Despite this, it can still be used by developers.


Name Type Default Description

Whether the Humanoid is entering or leaving the PlatformStanding Enum/HumanoidStateType

Code Samples


The below example, when used in a LocalScript, would print whether or not the player’s character’s PlatformProperty changed.