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The TouchLongPress event fires after a brief moment when the player holds their finger on the UI element using a touch-enabled device. It fires with a table of DataType/Vector2 that describe the relative screen positions of the fingers involved in the gesture. In addition, it fires multiple times with multiple Enum/UserInputStates: Begin after a brief delay, Change if the player moves their finger during the gesture and finally with End. The delay is platform dependent; in Studio it is a little longer than one second.

Since this event only requires one finger, this event can be simulated in Studio using the emulator and a mouse.

Below is an example of TouchLongPress firing on a Frame that is GuiObject/Active. Below, the event fires after a brief delay (Begin) and then continually as as the finger is moved (Change). It fires one last time after it is released (End).

TouchLongPress gesture

See also

  • UserInputService/TouchLongPress, an event with the same functionality but is not restricted to a specific GuiObject|GUI
  • GuiObject/TouchPan
  • GuiObject/TouchPinch
  • GuiObject/TouchRotate
  • GuiObject/TouchTap
  • GuiObject/TouchSwipe


Name Type Default Description

An array of DataType/Vector2 that describe the relative positions of the fingers involved in the gesture.

A Enum/UserInputState that describes the state of the gesture:

  • Begin fires once at the beginning of the gesture (after the brief delay)
  • Change fires if the player moves their finger while pressing down
  • End fires once at the end of the gesture when they release their finger

Code Samples

Move UI Element with TouchLongPress

This code sample allows the player to manipulate the screen position of some UI element, like a Frame, by holding down on the UI element for a brief moment. Then, the player moves their finger and releases. During the gesture the Frame is colored blue with a white outline.

local frame = script.Parent
frame.Active = true

local dragging = false
local basePosition
local startTouchPosition
local borderColor3
local backgroundColor3

local function onTouchLongPress(touchPositions, state)
	if state == Enum.UserInputState.Begin and not dragging then
		-- Start a drag 
		dragging = true
		basePosition = frame.Position
		startTouchPosition = touchPositions[1]
		-- Color the frame to indicate the drag is happening
		borderColor3 = frame.BorderColor3
		backgroundColor3 = frame.BackgroundColor3
		frame.BorderColor3 = Color3.new(1, 1, 1) -- White
		frame.BackgroundColor3 = Color3.new(0, 0, 1) -- Blue
	elseif state == Enum.UserInputState.Change then
		local touchPosition = touchPositions[1]
		local deltaPosition = UDim2.new(
			0, touchPosition.X - startTouchPosition.X,
			0, touchPosition.Y - startTouchPosition.Y
		frame.Position = basePosition + deltaPosition
	elseif state == Enum.UserInputState.End and dragging then
		-- Stop the drag
		dragging = false
		frame.BorderColor3 = borderColor3
		frame.BackgroundColor3 = backgroundColor3