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The InputEnded event fires when a user stops interacting via a Human-Computer Interface device (Mouse button down, touch begin, keyboard button down, etc).

The UserInputService has a similarly named event that is not restricted to a specific UI element: UserInputService/InputEnded.

This event will always fire regardless of game state.

See also

  • GuiObject/InputBegan
  • GuiObject/InputChanged


Name Type Default Description

An InputObject, which contains useful data for querying user input such as theEnum/UserInputType|type of input, Enum/UserInputState|state of input, and Enum/Position|screen coordinates of the input

Code Samples

Tracking the End of Input on a GuiObject

The following example demonstrates one of many usage examples of handling user input from InputEnded depending on its type.

In order for this to work as expected, it must be placed in a LocalScript and a child of gui.