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This event is fired when the user prompts an increase or decrease in graphics quality using the hotkeys.

This event fires under the following conditions:

  • If the user presses F10, this event fires with a betterQuality argument of true
  • If the user presses Shift + F10, this event fires with a betterQuality argument of false

GraphicsQualityChangeRequest does not provide the current graphics quality level or cover all updates to the graphics quality. For example, changes made in the core GUI escape menu are not registered. This event is intended to be used by Roblox core scripts to update the graphics quality and display notifications.

You can retrieve a user’s Enum/SavedQualitySetting using UserGameSettings with the following snippet:


If the user’s graphics settings are set to automatic then the Enum/SavedQualitySetting will be ‘Automatic’. There is currently no way for developers to reliably get the current graphics quality level of a user’s machine.


Name Type Default Description

Whether the user has prompted an increase (true) or a decrease (false) in graphics quality

Code Samples

Handling User Changes in Graphics Quality

game.GraphicsQualityChangeRequest:Connect(function (betterQuality)
	if betterQuality then
		print("The user has requested an increase in graphics quality!")
		print("The user has requested a decrease in graphics quality!")