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The RightMouseClick event fires when a player presses and releases the right mouse button while the cursor is hovering over a BasePart or Model with a ClickDetector. Additionally, the Player’s Player/Character|Character must be within the ClickDetector/MaxActivationDistance|MaxActivationDistance of the clicked object. This event fires when using either a Script or LocalScript.

Related Events

  • If you want to check when a player left clicks on the ClickDetector, you can use the ClickDetector/MouseClick|MouseClick event.
  • If you want a function to fire when a player hovers on or off of the ClickDetector without clicking it you can use the ClickDetector/MouseHoverEnter|MouseHoverEnter and ClickDetector/MouseHoverLeave|MouseHoverLeave events.


Name Type Default Description

The Player who right mouse clicked on the ClickDetector

Code Samples

Creating a ClickDetector Door

The code sample below demonstrates the functionality of a ClickDetector and its properties and events.

First the code creates a ClickDetector and set’s its Instance/Parent|parent to the door. It also sets the ClickDetector/MaxActivationDistance|maximum distance players can interact with the ClickDetector to 10 studs and set’s the ClickDetector’s ClickDetector/CursorImage|CursorImage to:

Custom cursor image

Then, the code connects the ClickDetector to several events, including changing the door’s BasePart/Transparency when the player’s mouse hovers ClickDetector/MouseHoverEnter|on and ClickDetector/MouseHoverLeave|off off the door. The player opens the door by ClickDetector/MouseClick|left clicking their mouse while over the ClickDetector and closes the door by ClickDetector/RightMouseClick|right clicking their mouse while over the ClickDetector.

This code works in a Script and a LocalScript as long as the script’s parent is the door BasePart|Part.

-- The door 'BasePart'
local door = script.Parent

-- Asset ID of the image you want the to set the cursor to
local CursorId = "2287179355"

-- Create a ClickDetector
local ClickDetector = Instance.new("ClickDetector")
ClickDetector.Parent = door
ClickDetector.MaxActivationDistance = 10
ClickDetector.CursorIcon = "rbxassetid://"..CursorId

-- Make door slightly transparent when mouse hovers over it
	door.Transparency = 0.1

-- Door is not transparent when mouse is not hovering over it
	door.Transparency = 0

-- Open door on left mouse click
	door.Transparency = 0.8
	door.CanCollide = false

-- Close door on right mouse click
	door.Transparency = 0.1
	door.CanCollide = true