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This event fires whenever the AnimationController begins playing an animation. It returns the AnimationTrack playing.

The AnimationTrack can be used to access the animation’s playback functions and events. It will only fire for animations playing on the specific AnimationController.

See Humanoid/AnimationPlayed for the Humanoid variant of this function.


Name Type Default Description

The AnimationTrack that was played.

Code Samples

Listen For Animation Effects

The function in the following code sample provides an example of how the AnimationTrack.KeyframeReached event can be used to link different effects to an animation.

The function listens for any animations being played on the Humanoid (or AnimationController), and when a new animation is played listens for a keyframe named ‘Effect’ being reached. When a keyframe named ‘Effect’ is reached some basic particles will be emitted. Once the animation has stopped the connections used by the function are disconnected, in line with best practice to avoid memory leaks.

Although the particle effect in this sample is very simple, it could be substituted for a range of more complicated effects using the Sound, Beam, ParticleEffect or other objects. Additionally, in many cases the developer may only care about effects on one specific animation (rather than every animation played on a Humanoid). In this case, only the KeyframeReached portion of this sample would be needed.