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A time-value pair used with FloatCurve instances.

The Interpolation property dictates the interpolation mode for the segment started by this key and ended by the next key on the curve. Each segment may use a different interpolation mode.

The LeftTangent and RightTangent properties apply to the cubic interpolation mode and define the desired tangent (slope) at the key. Different left and right values can be used to encode discontinuities in slope at the key. Attempting to set a RightTangent value on a key that doesn’t use the cubic interpolation mode will result in a runtime error. It is possible to set the LeftTangent property on any key, as it will be used should the preceding segment use cubic interpolation.


FloatCurveKey.new ( Number time, Number value, Enum Interpolation )

Creates a new FloatCurveKey at a given time and value. LeftTangent and RightTangent are left uninitialized. If not initialized, tangent values of 0 will be used when evaluating the curve.


KeyInterpolationMode FloatCurveKey.Interpolation

Defines this key interpolation mode for the segment started by this key.

Number FloatCurveKey.Time

The time position of this key.

Number FloatCurveKey.Value

The value of this key.

Number FloatCurveKey.RightTangent

The tangent to the right of this key.

Number FloatCurveKey.LeftTangent

The tangent to the left of this key.