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CatalogSearchParams is an object for specifying the parameters of a catalog search via AvatarEditorService/SearchCatalog|AvatarEditorService:SearchCatalog().

When accessing the value of the BundleTypes or AssetTypes property the returned table will be read-only to avoid confusion when not directly accessing the CatalogSearchParams instance.

For instance, these properties could be used as follows:

local params = CatalogSearchParams.new()
params.SearchKeyword = "Test"
params.MinPrice = 5000
params.MaxPrice = 10000
params.BundleTypes = {Enum.BundleType.Animations, Enum.BundleType.BodyParts}

local types = params.BundleTypes 
for _, val in ipairs(types) do
-- table.insert(types, Enum.BundleType.Animations) -- This would not work because the table is read only


string CatalogSearchParams.SearchKeyword

The keyword to search for catalog results with.

int CatalogSearchParams.MinPrice

The minimum item price to search for.

int CatalogSearchParams.MaxPrice

The maximum item price to search for.

CatalogSortType CatalogSearchParams.SortType

The order in which to sort the results, represented by a enum/CatalogSortType.

CatalogCategoryFilter CatalogSearchParams.CategoryFilter

The category to filter the search by, represented by a enum/CatalogCategoryFilter.

array CatalogSearchParams.BundleType

An array containing enum/BundleType values to filter the search by.

array CatalogSearchParams.AssetTypes

An array containing enum/AssetType values to filter the search by.